1994 Norman J Field Lecture in Science


Dr. Peter Dodson

University of Pennsylvania

Sunday, 13 November 1994

2:00 pm

Monmouth County Library

125 Symmes Drive

Manalapan, NJ  07726


Free and Open to the Public

Dr. Dodson is a professor of anatomy and geology at the University of Pennsylvania. He informed his parents at age 11 that he wanted to become a paleontologist. Since then, he has worked extensively in dinosaur beds of western Canada and the United States, and has received awards and grants from the National Geographic Society, the National Science Foundation, and the Pew Charitable Trust. He discovered a new horned dinosaur in 1986 (on exhibit at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia), which he named Avaceratops lammersi. He is co-editor of the award-winning technical monograph, The Dinosauria, published in 1990 by the University of California Press. He is interested in questions of dinosaur physiology and extinction, and has worked with alligators in South Carolina and on leatherback turtles in Costa Rica in an effort to understand temperature regulation in dinosaurs. He is currently writing a book on his favorite dinosaurs, the horned dinosaurs, and is laying plans for field research in Madagascar and South Africa. He is an adjunct professor at the Wagner Free Institute of Science and is research associate at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. He is the vice president of The Dinosaur Society. His lecture will explore questions such as: What is a dinosaur? What color were they? Were they smart or dumb? Warm blooded or cold blooded? Did they disappear with a whimper or a bang? Or did they become extinct at all?

The Norman J Field Lectures in Science were established in 1991 in memory of Dr. Norman J Field, and are cosponsored by the Monmouth County Section of the American Chemical Society, the Monmouth Junior Science Symposium, the Friends of the Monmouth County Library Association, the Monmouth County School Boards Association, and by the Rutgers University Chapter of Sigma Xi, an international scientific research society. Dr. Field was widely recognized for his contributions in the area of public education. He maintained a lifelong personal and professional interest in scientific issues. It is hoped that this lecture series will serve to promote similar interest in science and science education among both younger and older members of the community.

For additional information please contact:

Ken Field


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