Past lectures have been presented at the Monmouth County Library and at Monmouth University. Currently, the Field Lectures are hosted at the Performing Arts Center Auditorium at Monmouth Regional High School, 1 Norman J Field Way, Tinton Falls, NJ. Click here for directions.

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2010: Dr. Zaven S. Khachaturian, Editor in Chief, Alzheimer's & Dementia: Journal of the Alzheimer's Association
"Preventing Alzheimer's Disease by 2020?"

2008: Patrick Regan, New Jersey Public Television and Radio
"License to Explore"

2007: Dr. Diana Reiss, Hunter College & Wildlife Conservation Society
"Reflections of Animal Minds: Mirror Self-Recognition in Dolphins and Elephants"

2006: Dr. William Craelius, Rutgers University
"The Bionic Hand & the Bionic Man"

2005: Dr. Stuart Firestein, Columbia University
"Making Sense of Scents: How Your Nose Knows"

2004: Dr. Nicholas Coch, Queens College
"Are America's Beaches All Washed Up?"

2003: Dr. Michele Goldsmith, Emerson College
"Gorillas in the 21st Century: A Struggle for Existence"

2002: Dr. Richard A. Lutz, Rutgers University
"Voyage into the Abyss: Life After Death in the Deep Sea"

2001: Dr. Debra Martin, Hampshire College
"Brain Surgery, Pregnancy Tests, and False Teeth: Ancient Inventions in Health Care"

2000: Dr. Robert T. Pennock, Michigan State University
"Evolution and Neocreationism"

1999: Dr. Jerry Mahlman, Princeton University
"Human-Caused Climate Warming: Implications for Practically Everything"

1998: Dr. Andrew Knoll, Harvard University
"Martian Chronicle: Microbes, Meteorites and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life"

1997: Dr. Joe Vinson, University of Scranton
"Cholesterol - Good Guy or Bad Guy?"

1996: Dr. George Bugliarello, Polytechnic University
"Man and Machines: Reflections on the New Genesis"

1995: Dr. Douglas Whitman, Illinois State University
"How Insects Conquered the World"

1994: Dr. Peter Dodson, University of Pennsylvania
"Dinosaurs: New Thoughts on Old Bones"

1993: Dr. Margretta Reed Seashore, Yale University
"Unravelling the Code of Life: The Genetic Revolution of the 90's"

1992: Dr. Lawrence Krauss, Yale University
"The Beginning and End of the Universe"

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