• Ken Field Composer, Drums, Egg Shaker, Flute, Sax (Alto)
  • Karen Aqua Percussion
  • John Fleagle Voices
  • Michael Rivard Bass
  • Ken Winokur Percussion, Timbales

CD Tracks

  1. A Space in a Place (3:57)
  2. Om on the Range (4:51)
  3. Takuskanskan (2:50)
  4. Five Saxophones in Search of Meaning (2:05)
  5. Sanity (0:44)
  6. Perpetual Motion (5:20)
  7. Thoughts Unspoken (3:01)
  8. Berrendo (3:11)
  9. Sympathetic Magic (7:40)
  10. The Missing Soul (2:15)
  11. When I Fall In Love (1:38)

Press Quotes

"This CD is a religious listening experience ... evokes the kind of bittersweet emotions you almost forgot you had."
The Noise (Kristy Andrelunas)

"I loved it...The compositions are wonderful - a nice Exotica feel."
(John Zorn)

"With references to Sun Ra, chant, trance, and saxophone quartets, Field has created something extraordinary."
SoS Jazz (Mark Corroto)

"Field is a composer of boundless ability and determined sensibility. That he is an artist capable of walking the fine line that separates the two is a gift few musicians - past or present - are indentured to. ... Subterranea is a wondrous sonic testament to his unique music making, an album with a consciousness and personality all its own."
Albuquerque Weekly Alibi (Michael Henningsen)

"travail delicat et intimiste...magie du rerecording qu'il utilise a merveille...le cote magique de l'album, hypnotisant a la facon d'une danse vaudou...une sorte de chant gregorien a la pulsation tribale...premier album reussi, une maturite croissante... une musique introspective et passionnante."
Art Zero [France] (Xavier Gombert)

"A haunting record of his solitude in a marvelous and mysterious location... richly textured music that is both rhythmic and meditative."
The Boston Phoenix (Ed Hazell)

"Engaging ... buoyant ... energetic ... charming."
The Wire [UK] (Will Montgomery)

"A music of captivating simplicity."
Cadence (Michael Rosenstein)

"Vriendelijk, maar toch voldoende fris en uitdagend nieuw."
Graffiti [Belgium] (Jaak Perquy)

"The soundtrack to a modern dancer's dreams."
The Entertainment Line (Michael Keating)

"A powerful outstanding job."
Expose Newsletter (Peter Thelen)

"A warm, resonate album that sweeps the listener into the music."
Vision Magazine (Cory Beck)

"Mysterious, chilling, and richly textured...overwhelmingly captivating."
Saxophone Journal (Timothy Roberts)

General Information

Subterranea (O.O.Discs #OO25) is the acclaimed first solo release from Birdsongs of the Mesozoic saxophonist Ken Field. Recorded in an unusual underground space in Roswell, New Mexico, the CD contains Field's unique experiments with layered saxophone, flute, and percussion music.

Music writer Mark Corroto says that, "with references to Sun Ra, chant, trance, and saxophone quartets, Field has created something extraordinary."

Available from, CDNow,O.O.Discs (203-367-7917), Wayside, or via a toll-free call to CDeMUSIC at 1-888-749-9998.