Forked Tongue


  • Revolutionary Snake Ensemble
  • Ken Field Clappers, Composer, Member of Attributed Artist, Percussion, Sax (Alto), Whistle
  • Jon Fraser Trumpet
  • Andrew Hickman Sax (Tenor)
  • Andrew Hickman Sax (Tenor)
  • Lennie Peterson Trombone
  • Karen Aqua Djembe
  • Andy Pinkham Bass (Electric)
  • Jesse Williams Bass
  • Kimon Kirk Bass (Acoustic)
  • Phil Neighbors Bass (Electric), Drum, Percussion
  • Erik Paull Drums, Percussion

CD Tracks

  1. Just a Closer Walk (5:19)
  2. Slots (2:44)
  3. Brown Skin Girl (3:11)
  4. Little Liza Jane (5:39)
  5. The Large S (4:30)
  6. Chippie (3:08)
  7. Give Me Jesus (2:18)
  8. Down By the Riverside (7:03)
  9. Que Sera Sera (7:19)
  10. White Wedding (2:54)
  11. Minor Vee (5:14)
  12. Under the Skin (3:00)

Press Quotes

"Feestmuziek voor denkende mensen"
JazzFlits #103 (The Netherlands)

NIGHT LIFE PICK OF THE WEEK: "OUT OF LEFT FIELD: The Revolutionary Snake Ensemble, a writhing, horn-heavy group led by the Boston-based saxophonist and composer Ken Field, dresses in feathered masks and sequined robes and covers a broad range of funk- and New Orleans-inspired music... A seasoned collection of horn and percussion players, the group puts a funky spin on everything from Billy Idol to Ornette Coleman."
The New Yorker 5/19/08

"I love the disc!"
Scott Borne, Music Director, WWOZ, New Orleans

"RSE's album starts with the slinkiest and sassiest version of the gospel chestnut 'Just a Closer Walk' ever heard"
Dirty Linen

"If the wailing vigil ofDown By the Riversidedoesn't rake your spine, chances are you don't have one...It's quite possibly the most convincing treatment of New Orleans by a non-native since Hugh Masakela's Goin' Back to New Orleans...If [Field]'s not re-arranging some holy chestnut, he's dreaming up freaky, wind-jamming floor monsters like The Large S."
Brendon Griffin, PopMatters

"A quirky, idiosyncratic band capable of both partying and intellectual discourse...A formidable slew of potent originals...The Revolutionary Snake Ensemble has taken danceable music to both earthy and progressive levels."
Michael Nastos, All Music Guide

"About the most fun I've had musically all year."
Jon Davis, Expose

"Imaginative arrangements...make up the lion's share of the album but it is the four original tunes by leader/altoist Ken Field that really shine! A really appealing listen."

"Unlike most modernisations of supposedly 'traditional' concepts, this one has an informing logic that carries it through, and by the time you get toMinor Vee and Under the Skin, both written by saxophonist/leader Ken Field, you're a voodoo convert."
Brian Morton, The Wire (UK)

"Three cheers and five stars - Thoroughly happening!"
Glenn Astarita, eJazzNews 

"The music is what counts, and Forked Tongue demonstrates why the Revolutionary Snake Ensemble matters."
Steve Greenlee, JazzTimes 

"The album is GREAT! [It] touches all the right cornerstones of jazz, but also funks my socks off"
Kyle Press, WKDU, Philadelphia

"I can't stop playing this crazy CD over and over again. Doctor, is there an antidote? I am having visions of Mardi Gras parties out of control. They call it a brass band, but there must be some voodoo in this music."
Ted Gioia,

"I dig it quite a bit and think [they've] hit on something quite original in the world of jazz and beyond."
Kory Cook, KUT Radio, Austin, TX

"Their most focused, adventurous, and rollicking effort yet. Ken Field's Snakes march their jazzy New Orleans-style second line in slinking, swaggering new directions"
Boston Globe

"Ecco un disco coraggioso e divertente, che non mancheranno di suscitare interesse in un pubblico a trecentosessanta gradi con la sua energia stradaiola, che si nutre di memoria e innovazione allo stesso tempo."
Enrico Ramunni, Rockerilla (Italy)

"Un disco divertido sin ser banal, con humor sin perder autoridad conceptual, que suene familiar y accessible sin que sea reiterativo o intrascendente y que reœna en un mismo piano retazos sonorous de Sun Ra, Parliament Funkadelic, Sex Mob, James Brown y Lounge Lizards impregnado del bullicioso esp’ritu de las marching bands de New Orleans...El Revolutionary Snake Ensemble es un sopio de aire fresco que, sin mensajes subliminales ni segundas lecturas, entretiene con inteligencia, ingenio y simpat’a."
Sergio Piccirilli, El Intruso (Argentina)

"An original musical presence"
Zdenek Slaby, UNI Magazine, Czech Republic

"A super CD"
Linda Yohn, Music Director, WEMU, Ypsilanti (Ann Arbor/Detroit)

"What a fantastic groove!"
Mitchell Feldman, Jazz Without Borders, Georgia Public Broadcasting

"I love it"
Andrea Leonard, KZSU Stanford, CA

General Information

The 2nd release by Field's improvisational & experimental brass band the Revolutionary Snake Ensemble, this disc made it onto the CMJ jazz chart in its first week out.

"Their most focused, adventurous, and rollicking effort yet. Ken Field's Snakes march their jazzy New Orleans-style second line in slinking, swaggering new directions" The Boston Globe

Available from Cuneiform Records.