• Ken Field: sopranino saxophone, flute, percussion
  • Eric Glick Rieman: prepared piano
  • Karen Stackpole: percussion & gongs

Live stereo recording Tom Duff

Mastering Erdem Helvacioglu (

Original artwork: "A Selection of Australian Christmas Beetles":  Painting by Joel Tonks ( Used by permission.

Produced by Ken Field (

Ken Field is a Vandoren Performing Artist, and uses Vandoren reeds and mouthpieces for performance and recording. (

CD Tracks

  1. Inside (Ken Field, Karen Stackpole) 4:34
  2. Ice (Ken Field, Eric Glick Rieman, Karen Stackpole) 18:19
  3. Cinders (Eric Glick Rieman, Karen Stackpole) 8:15
  4. Rise (Ken Field, Eric Glick Rieman) 8:01
  5. Recede (Ken Field, Eric Glick Rieman, Karen Stackpole) 15:36

Press Quotes

"A magical night" - Jeffrey Roden, Composer/Musician, CA

"It is a fantastic album" - Walt "Mister G" Gnu, WSUM, Madison, WI

"Such a lovely and expansive set!" - Dan Zedek, Musician/Composer/Designer, Boston, MA

"Beautiful!!!" - Brian Cullman, Musician/Writer/Producer, New York City, NY

"Lush and gorgeous" - Geoff Adams, Filmmaker/Composer, Boston, MA

"A masterful set" - Michael Ullman, The Arts Fuse

General Information

The live recording from a living room in Berkeley, California of the first meeting between Boston-based saxophonist/composer Ken Field (sopranino saxophone, flute, percussion) and San Francisco-based musicians Eric Glick Rieman (prepared piano) & Karen Stackpole (gongs and percussion).  Taking place in February 2019, during a two-night stopover on Field's return from Australia, the release captures the spontaneous energy and evocative creativity of that evening's events.


Available from Ravello Records.