Tokyo In F


  • Alto Saxophone, Flute, Percussion – Ken Field
  • Guitar – Kido Natsuki*
  • Piano – Shimizu Kazuto*
  • Violin – Katsui Yuji*

CD Tracks

  1. First Set (37:14)
  2. Second Set (36:42)

Press Quotes

"Brilliant. Exciting and soothing, freely improvised yet accessible, jazz yet prog, Occidental yet Oriental: paradoxical in every way, Tokyo in F should be played over and over in order to taste every subtlety."[Full Review]
All Music Guide (Francois Couture)

"On my top twenty of the year list...sounds like nothing else I've heard" [Full Review]
LaFolia Music Review (Steve Koenig)

"Quite engrossing. A true merger of the musical qualities of East and West. Captures the human spirit in high flight and reinforces the principle of the universality of jazz. A fine example of collective communication." [Full Review]
One Final Note (Frank Rubolino)

"Terrific...very, very rewarding. this area's real musical treasure."
The TAB (Ken Capobianco)

"This live record oozes with spontaneity and a constant sense of discovery. An unusually satisfying document." [Full Review]
All About Jazz (Nils Jacobson)

The Noise (Brian Westbye)

"The performances flow so naturally they seem composed. They blithely float -- sometimes dart -- from pastoral to giddy to elegantly probing. The disc makes for gorgeous and provocative listening."
The Phoenix (Ted Drozdowski)

"Ken Field once again demonstrates his seemingly boundless capabilities as an adventure seeker who is willing to take risks. Yet Field's ambitious projects often reap huge rewards for the willing listener, and Tokyo in F proves that notion beyond a reasonable doubt. Highly recommended. *****." [Full Review]
All About Jazz (Glenn Astarita, Modern Jazz Editor)

"These gorgeous improvisations range widely in material and mood, from sound textures to lyrical and beautiful melody. Remarkable!"

"FANTASTIC - Really really NICE improv!"
Improvijazzation Nation (Dick Metcalf)

"Nothing short of magical...a special blend of surprisingly original, largely accessible, unusual sounds. ****"
All Music Guide (Steve Loewy)

"Tokyo in F adalah suatu bukti nyata bahwa musisi avant-rock pun, dengan keluwesannya beradaptasi, kemampuannya berimprovisasi dan berkomunikasi dengan pemusik lain, bisa menghasilkan kreasi yang manis dan mudah dinikmati, tanpa perlu menanggalkan identitas dan kualitas musiknya." [Full Review]
Warta Jazz [Indonesia] (Gamantyo Hendrantoro)

"Tokio In F e un'amabile conversazione musicale, tanto imprevedibile quanto speciale che testimonia la magia della musica nel far dialogare mondi in apparenza lontani, ma in realta molto vicini."
Michele Chisena, All About Jazz Italia

All About Jazz reviewer Nils Jacobson says it "oozes with spontaneity and a constant sense of discovery" and calls it "unusually satisfying" [Full Review]. And a second All About Jazz review, this one by Modern Jazz Editor Glenn Astarita, calls Tokyo in F "Highly recommended" and gives it ***** out of (*****) [Full Review].

General Information

Tokyo in F (Sublingual Records SLR004) is a live recording of the August 1998 fully-improvised concert in Tokyo by saxophonist/flautist Ken FIELD, violinist KATSUI Yuji, guitarist KIDO Natsuki, and pianist SHIMIZU Kazuto. It consists of two 37-minute spontaneous musical creations by the ensemble, who had not previously met or performed together, and who communicated only through their music.

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