Ken Field - saxes, flutes
Alieno deBootes - keyboards, creative mix
Alessandro Monti - occasional electric bass on “A new cosmo”
Matteo Bertolini - soundscapes on “Izar” and “A new cosmo”
Domenico Meggiato - some electric bass on “Krunsch”
Franco Moruzzi - extra drums on “Krunsch”

Recorded spring 2021 at AGW Studio, Venice, Italy and Truro, Massachusetts, USA.
Mixed early summer 2021 at AGW Studio by Alessandro Pizzin.
Mastering by Erdem Helvacioglu, New York City & Istanbul.
Cover layout and design by Alessandro Rigato - PHOEM Design.

Digital Release produced by Cuneiform & Alien Field
CD Release Produced by Ken Field & Alieno deBootes.             

Ken Field is an Applied Microphone Technology Endorser and a Vandoren Performing Artist, and uses Vandoren reeds and mouthpieces for performance and recording.

CD Tracks

  1. Short Trip to Bootes (Pizzin) 8:23
  2. Dwelling (Field/Pizzin) 6:00
  3. Hmmm (Field) 3:43
  4. The Transducer Experiment (Field/Pizzin) 6:13
  5. The Garden (Field/Pizzin) 13:20
  6. Krunsch (Field/Pizzin) 6:24
  7. Izar (Part 1) (Field/Pizzin) 6:10
  8. Izar (Part 2) (Field/Pizzin) 6:26
  9. A New Cosmo (Field/Pizzin) 12:07

Press Quotes

"Powerful...delivers on a number of levels." - Exposé

General Information

Sending electronic files across the Atlantic Ocean while the pandemic blocked physical travel,
saxophonist KEN FIELD and electronic musician ALIENO deBOOTES (aka Alessandro Pizzin) create
ALIEN FIELD, an album of music with, in Alieno's words, "the spatiality of the ocean and the ever-changing movement of the surface of the water"

Sometimes unusual circumstances create perfect conditions for long-considered but never materialized collaborations. This distanced virtual meeting between Ken Field and Alieno deBootes (aka Alessandro Pizzin) is such an example. The rich and intimate interplay between the warm acoustic woodwinds of the American saxophonist and the icy keyboard and synthetic atmospheres of the Italian experimenter belies the circumstances of the recording process. The music is layered within narrative contexts which, while telling many different stories, maintain a style that appears unique and original, straddling pure improvisation and rigorous composition.

Release date 8/12/2022 from Cuneiform Records: Rune 3359.